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Andy Young Mara The Musical
Andy Young grew up in American Fork, Utah. and is performing as Gordy on Shane’s crew for Mara The Musical.

Andy Young is performing as Gordy on Shane’s crew.

Andy was born in Logan, UT, and was raised in American Fork, UT. He recently found his soul surfing in Hawaii. but he’s still working on truly growing up. “I’m just trying to avoid growing out!”

Andy grew up singing around the piano. Started Performing in High School. His first lead role was Sky Masterson in Guys n’ Dolls. “In college I toured the world performing and competing with the UVU Ballroom Team. I have enjoyed the last 3 years performing in the varied Community Theaters in St. George. If anyone wants to hire me for a full-time performance gig – I’m ready to retire from being a science teacher.”

Some of his favorite hobbies are Stand Up Paddleboarding or (SUP), Rock climbing, hiking, traveling, Van-living, and building things.

Word of wisdom that Andy likes to follow are:
1- “Comparison is the thief of joy”
2 -My dad’s 11th commandment “thou shall not take thyself too damn serious”.
3- “everyone has two lives- the second one begins when you realize you only have one”
4- “wherever you go, there you are”