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Gina Kae Kirk Mara The Musical
Gina Kae Kirk will be performing as Caroline.

Gina Kae Kirk grew up in a musical family in Columbus, Ohio, and will be performing as Caroline.

She was singing before she was talking and she knew early on that she would perform on the stage.  She had leading roles in high school and college musicals and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance at BYU-Hawaii.

Professionally, she worked with “Up With Kids” and had lead roles and directing experience with/in “Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat”,  “Godspell”,  and “Little Mary Sunshine”. She has sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” at many sporting events at The Ohio State University.  Gina has studied most recently with JoAnn Ottley and currently studies with Jefferey Skouson.

Gina has been teaching voice & piano for more than 15 years. She also teaches yoga and implements some of the techniques into voice training.  She loves to cook as much as she loves to eat and resides in Las Vegas with her entrepreneur husband Matthew and seven-year-old twins.

Follow her on Instagram: @msginapianoandvoice